Join us on September 22 at 2 & 3 p.m.

Dr. Mayer Eisenstein Memorial

Vaccination Panel


The Centers for Disease Control recommends kids aged zero to six getting 29 doses of 9 vaccines. No federal laws mandate vaccination, but all 50 states require certain vaccinations for children entering public schools.

Join our panel of experts as they discuss what parents need to know about vaccine safety and advocate for informed consent.

At the end of the panel discussion, the floor will be open for an audience Q&A.

Meet Our Panelists

Panel to be emceed by Robert Scott Bell

About Michelle Cotterman

Michelle Cotterman is a Registered Nurse in practice for over a decade with a specialty in End Stage Renal Disease. She has been diligently studying and researching the science behind vaccines and the vaccine industry since 2010, when her daughter experienced an allergic reaction to eight vaccinations administered on the same day. She is an avid supporter of vaccine choice and informed consent and has spent the last two years actively working with the Ohio state legislature by providing education to the legislators and providing expert scientific testimony on state-sponsored vaccine bills.

Michelle served as the President of Ohio Advocates for Medical Freedom, a vaccine safety and informed consent advocacy group in Ohio. She is also the co-founder of Health Freedom Ohio. She recently opened her own Polarity Therapy practice in Columbus, OH.

About Ravi Kulasekere PhD, ND, DABR, BCHHP

Dr. Kulasekere is a traditional naturopath, and is board-certified as a holistic health practitioner and medical physicist, a career which spanned nearly 13 years in the field of cancer care.

He began researching vaccines, in 2011, when the hospital (where he served as Chief Medical Physicist) required him to take an annual flu shot. In 2016, he voluntarily left his position at the Cleveland hospital and opened his own holistic health practice, Do No Pharm Naturopathy LLC, in Lakewood, Ohio.

Since 2011, he has continued his studies of the untold science behind vaccines and has been a vocal supporter, both online and off, of informed consent and the right to choose to be vaccinated or not. He has provided both written and in-person expert testimony at hearings for many state-sponsored bills, in Ohio, aimed at removing vaccine choice. He is also actively involved in the health freedom advocacy group, Ohio Advocates for Medical Freedom.

About Chris Barr

Nutrition and health historian, NotADoc AKA Christopher C. Barr was personally directed in the 1970s by Ida Honorof, author of ‘VACCINATION: The Silent Killer … A clear and present danger’ which was the first modern book against vaccination and written by an award-winning Associated Press journalist.  That introduced him to the works of Antoine Bechamp which brought him into nutritional and natural healing as his life’s work.  He raised 8 children without vaccines and has assisted countless parents in numerous states since then to obtain exemptions for their children.

In 2001, his weekly newspaper columns documented the failed federal smallpox vaccine from its inception to its cessation less than 6 months later due to injuries and deaths directly following those vaccinations.  In 2006, he assisted the writing of the ‘Vaccine Induced Diseases’ writing of Dr. Rebecca Carley, M.D.  In 2013, he sat on the last Health Freedom Expo Vaccination Panel seated next to Dr. Mayer Eisenstein.  In 2014, he was the featured expert against vaccination on the CBS-TV 6 p.m. Evening News story, ‘Vanishing Vaccinations’ opposite the State Health Director in Arkansas.  His is one of the longest active voices in public against vaccination alive today.