TOPIC 1: Blood Sugar Imbalances - How to correct them with Medical Nutrition - The lecture that Big Pharma does not want you to go to.


  • 84 Milllion Americans are afflicted with blood sugar issues.
  • African Americans and Hispanics are 50% more likely to be afflicted than whites – but it’s NOT genetic…
  • The average price of Insulin has TRIPLED in the last 10 years.
  • People suffering with blood sugar issues suffer from so many other issues that they pay 2x as much for health care as those with normal blood-sugars.
  • The medical Industry profits $322 BILLION a year from blood-sugar issues.

The moral to this story – You have been let down by conventional medicine, which is getting stupendously rich on the back of your suffering. Big Pharma does NOT have your back here, and the MDs are in the dark about how to intervene.

Ironically – there are science-based, clinically verified non-drug solutions to blood sugar issues. Let Dr. Glidden show you how to support and promote your body’s ability to heal itself.

DATE/TIME:  Sunday, October 27, 3:00, NP1


Peter Glidden, ND received his doctoral degree in Naturopathic Medicine in 1991 from Bastyr University of Naturopathic Medicine in Seattle, WA. He is currently licensed by the state of Washington to practice naturopathic medicine. He is an active member of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians, the Illinois Association of Naturopathic Physicians, and the Illinois Homeopathic Association. He has 18 years of clinical experience in the use of classical homeopathy, science based nutrition, and Heavy Metal Chelation treatments for his patients and clients.

I am an outspoken advocate of science-based, clinically-verified, licensed & regulated Naturopathic Medicine. I bring 30 years of clinical experience to bear on what I talk about in the public forum. Most people would not believe what I and my colleagues have seen our patients recover from.

— Dr. Peter J Glidden, BS, ND

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