Gesundheit! Institute

TOPIC: Medicine for fun, not funds


Medicine has become a greedy business reflected in the fact that a medical bill is the #1 reason one loses their home. Now, imagine a hospital model that has eliminated 90% of the cost! A place where all the permanent staff will live together as a communal ecovillage. This hospital will foster a happy, funny, loving cooperative, creative, and thoughtful culture. As the hospital integrates all the healing arts, each practitioner will be able to spend as much time with a patient as she or he would like. For instance, as a family doctor, I prefer 3 or 4 hours for an initial consultation. This model will also house an artist colony and a farm shaped by principals established by permaculture specialists. All of this will be on our 327 acres of paradise in West Virginia.

DATE/TIME:  Saturday, October 26, 1:00PM


Patch Adams is a Clown who Became a Doctor

To Bring his Hospital to the World

After he graduated from the Medical College of Virginia in 1971, Patch began what would become his life-long mission: The Gesundheit Institute. The pilot project, which ran from 1971 through 1983, saw over 15,000 patients visiting his large 6-bedroom communal home, shared with friends, fellow doctors, and patients.  To support this radical hospital, friends took outside work to support the love that comes from helping others. As the pilot drawn to a close, Patch realized he needed to make his dream hospital a reality.

No one was going to “give” him a hospital – Patch had to go out into the world and find the hospital of his dreams. After 36 years, Patch remains energized and ready to take on the medical cure-focused for-profit industry.


  • a free hospital that eliminates 90% of the cost of healthcare
  • a hospital that isn’t filled with anxiety about how to treat patients
  • a hospital that allows the doctors to connect with the patients at an intimate level
  • a hospital that treats the care-givers and care-receivers as friends
  • a hospital that welcomes complementary practices, rather than shuns them.

Patch lectures and performs over 200 days of the year. He has travelled throughout the world delivering his message of peace and love while challenging the audience to love and care about themselves, their community, and our planet.  Every year, Patch leads 9 different missions to lead clowns into impoverished communities, war zones, refugee camps, and disaster areas. Patch’s dedication toward clowning has sparked a movement that has grown to independent clown groups in 120 countries.

Come, join the fun!